Candidates Continue to File for Office

Candidates for upcoming local and state elections have begun filing for office in Mitchell and Yancey Counties. On the opening day of the filing period of the 2014 general election the Yancey County Board of Elections filed paperwork for Democrats Jill Austin, Johnny Riddle and Jim Edwards and Republicans Byrl Ballew, Earl Tipton and Jeanette Maddox in the County Commissioners race, Tammy McEntyre for Clerk of Court and Mike Orr, Jack Tipton, Grace Whitson and Judy Presnell for the School Board race. Democrat Dean Hicks also filed to run against Republican State Rep. Michele Presnell in the state house race. As of now the Mitchell County Board of Elections has had Janet Cook to file for Clerk of Court, Joe Street and Bill Slagle have filed for County Commissioner and Donald Street has filed to retain his post as Sherriff of Mitchell County. Republican Ralph Hise has also filed to run for his seat in the NC Senate for another term.  The Filing period ends at noon on February 28th.

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