Cane Restoration Project Planned

A project to restore the river cane to a section of the Cane River in Yancey County was announced this week. A partnership between the Cherokee Indians in North Carolina, the Blue Ridge Resource and Conservation and Development and Yancey County Government plans to restore river cane along the river bordering the county’s new Cane River Park just outside of Burnsville. The Revitalization of Traditional Cherokee Artisan Resources initiative is designed to help the Cherokee Indians restore the traditional Cherokee balance between maintaining and using natural resources like river cane, clay and white oak used to make baskets and pottery. Archaeological evidence shows that the Cherokee at one time had dwellings in Yancey County, using the area for agriculture and hunting. Large cane breaks are hard to find in today’s modern world so the effort to establish a stand of native cane can help sustain the Cherokee artist traditions.

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