Pot Holes

Just wanted to say thanks to who filled  the Giant pot hole on west main in front of french broad electric.

I realize the D.O.T. as well as the town maintenance workers have been very busy and i appreciate their hard work, However one of the places the town had to dig up in front of Holcombe Brothers needs attention, And among the many as you travel from one end of town to the other there are two which are two that is destroying vehicles one on east main and the one i have forgot an hit near french broad that has to be close to a foot deep, they inform the public they are going to patch when weather breaks, My Question is how hard or expensive to bring a pickup load of gravel and fill the worse ones through town before the damage multiple vehicles or worse an accident from somebody trying to avoid these worst ones at the last second. The state has a responsibility to keep roads in as good a shape as possible. So I ask how hard could it be to put some gravel in these holes it's better than holes that rattle your teeth and do hundreds of dollars to your vehicle. I feel that this is a matter of public interest. Keep in mind this is my personal opinion. 

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