Yancey County School Days get Longer

Yancey County Schools have begun the process of having Saturday as a make-up day for school for inclement weather days missed Monday through Thursday. Beginning Monday, March 17th, Yancey County Schools will add 15 minutes to the end of the school day through the remainder of this school year. School will begin the same time as always but will dismiss 15 minutes later than normal. Parents will need to pick up children 15 minutes later than normal and the buses will arrive 15 minutes later than normal. Adding this time, adds 1 hour and 15 minutes per week for a total of an extra 15 hours “banked”. This adds 2 ½ days of instructional time that can be forgiven by the Superintendent, if needed. This will allow Yancey schools to keep vacation days at Easter and still finish school around mid-June. After the Governor decides about forgiving inclement weather days the School System will have a better idea of what they can do in Yancey County and when school will end.  Currently the calendar shows Yancey County Schools’ last day at Tuesday, June 17th. 

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