Availability of NC Sex Offender Registry

(Press Release)
Yancey County Sheriff Gary Banks reminds everyone of a valuable resource to protect our counties children from sexual predators. It is the State of North Carolina Sex Offender Registry. You can access the registry at http://sexoffender.ncdoj.gov/search.aspx 

On this site you can determine if you have a registered offender living in your area, see their picture and the crime that they committed to be placed on the registry. 
Also from this site you can search the National Sex Offender Registry which could be utilized when traveling out of state. 
There is also an app available for your mobile device for your convenience:http://ncdoj.gov/Protect-Yourself/Find-Sex-Offenders/Sex-Offender-Mobile-App.aspx 

Sheriff Banks says that educating the public is an important step in providing for our children a safe and prosperous county to live in. 

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