Empty Buildings

What is wrong with a Pool Hall? For all we know it will be an establishment open to all ages. It could be a place for teenagers to go, instead of messing around on the square.

While I tend to agree with the post I wish there was a way to sanction what can and can not go in certain areas. I've heard there is a pool hall going into the Old David's Limited space. We already have a bar on Main St. I just wish more appropriate business's could maintain those sites and keep Main St. for the merchants.

 Why do some buildings in Burnsville sit vacant year after year after year? Such abandoned commercial structures detract from the city's appearance, drive down property values and drain the city’s resources and add nothing to the downtown economy. Some of the owners of these building apparently are so wealthy they don’t need the revenue from these empty spaces. They don’t realize or more likely don’t care how it affects our community and economic development. I am a small town entrepreneur and I care. 
   When the local people start their own businesses and prosper, they help their town to prosper, too. I know somewhere in this town and county is a person who is looking to locate in one of those buildings. Somewhere there is a kid just out of college who wants to move home and live and work here. Somewhere there is a person with a desire to be an entrepreneur.
   It is extremely frustrating to me to see these empty store fronts while walking down Main St. With the new road coming through I feel it is imperative to make Burnsville look and feel like a place you would want to visit. 
   I have read where other cities have instituted charging registration fees and fines. One city sends a special tax to owners of long-term abandoned properties indicating they were being assessed five to 10 times the amount in taxes that would have been charged if the building had been in full productive use.
   Some of these buildings are for sale and the owners won’t put any money into it for that fact and they are deteriorating as I write. Why not rent those spaces out for a nominal fee just to have someone in their to maintain it? Stop being so greedy and take some pride in our town!

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