Clerk Uses Customer’s EBT Card

(Press Release from Mitchell Sheriff's Department)
Mitchell County Sheriff’s Office has arrested a  store clerk for using a customer’s EBT card. Jessica Lee Porter, age 34, of 78 Buckeye Hollow Road, Bakersville faces two felony charges.
Captain R.V. Wiseman advised the Sheriff’s Office received a complaint from an individual stating their EBT card had been used without their knowledge. The EBT card was used at Gateway Market in Bakersville.
Chief Deputy J.A. Sparks conducted the investigation. The individual advised they went to Gateway Market and made a purchase. Shortly after they left the store their card was used again manually by entering the EBT card numbers.
Chief Deputy Sparks went to the store and watched the surveillance video. The video showed the individual placing items on the counter. The individual handed Porter their EBT card and realized they had forgotten an item. The individual then left the counter to retrieve the additional item. While this individual was away from the counter, Porter wrote the EBT card number down. The individual came back to the counter and purchased the items. Porter swiped the EBT card and returned it to the individual.
Shortly after this individual left the store, Porter manually entered the numbers off the card for a $40.00 purchase. Porter used the $40.00 to purchase Lottery Tickets. Porter then entered the EBT card number again for $20.00. This time Porter used the money to purchase bread and drinks.
Chief Deputy Sparks confronted Porter with the activity on the EBT card. Porter admitted to using the EBT card numbers and purchasing Lottery Tickets, bread, and drinks.
Chief Deputy Sparks obtained arrest warrants on Porter for two counts of obtaining property by false pretenses.
Porter was released on a $500.00 secured bond and is scheduled to appear in court on April 17, 2014.

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