The Mayland Community College Foundation hosted DREAM Day 2014 in April to celebrate the success of 2013-14 scholarship recipients and the generosity of scholarship donors. Over 100 people, including scholarship recipients, donors, Mayland Community College trustees and Foundation Board members attended the luncheon in the Sam Center Auditorium.
“DREAM Day, which stands for Dreams Realized Every day At Mayland, is a true distillation of the College’s core values of Community, Excellence, and Opportunity,”  said Laura Laughridge, Executive Director of the Mayland Community College Foundation. “For academic year 2013-14, the Foundation awarded just over $40,000 in scholarships administered through the Mayland Community College Scholarship Program, and students at Mayland received $81,000 in scholarships this year from outside sources. This is a grand total of over $120,000 in scholarships for Mayland students, up from $92,000 last year.”
Students recognized for special achievements were Timothy Wyatt, Mayland Early High College High School student, who is this year’s Academic Excellence Award nominee; Daryl Byrd, the 2014 Governor Robert W. Scott Student Leadership Award nominee; and Corey Robinson, the Dallas Herring Achievement Award nominee. 
Mayland students helped make the DREAM Day event a success. E. – H. Ingram Scholarship recipient DeLee Scott delivered the invocation. Daryl Byrd, recipient of the Claire Atkins Memorial Scholarship, the Carol Arthur Scholarship and an Anonymous Scholarship, and Vriesyda Wyatt, recipient of the Designing Women Scholarship, both spoke to those in attendance.
Dr. John Boyd, President of Mayland Community College, emphasized the importance of scholarships and the opportunities they represent for students, especially those who do not receive other financial assistance.
“No one controls the hand they are dealt,” said Dr. Boyd. “The one thing people can control, however, is their response. Scholarships make opportunity possible for our students.  Scholarships make it possible for students to transform their lives.”
According to Boyd, currently, over 40% of students at Mayland Community College are first-generation college students, and 72% receive some form of financial assistance.
Mayland’s Fall 2014 scholarship application cycle is now underway at www.maylandfoundation.org. For more information about scholarships, contact the Mayland Community College Foundation at mccfoundation@mayland.edu or call 828-766-1275. For more information about enrollment at Mayland Community College, call 828-766-1234.
Pictured are scholarship recipients who attended Mayland Communty College Foundation’s DREAM Day 2014. 

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