Burnsville Family Medicine Will Remain Open

Chad Smoker, M.D. announces that he will coordinate the effort to continue to meet the medical needs of those patients at Burnsville Family Medicine after Dr. Antinori leaves.  Several area doctors, including himself and Dr. Brie Folkner will have office hours in Burnsville as well as maintaining their existing practices.  A nurse practitioner may also be added to assist with the care of patients.

Dr. Smoker, Dr. Folkner, and Dr. Antinori have all been in the same call group and have had the same office manager, Lynda Wiseman, for the last several years, so all involved anticipate the adjustment will go smoothly.  There will be some differences starting Monday, July 7, but most of the faces patients see will be the same.
“I believe in the importance of private medical clinics,” Dr. Smoker says.  “I feel called to keep the staff of Burnsville Family Medicine employed while continuing to provide services unique to this rural community.”

He also wants to assure his existing patients that he is not leaving, and points out an added benefit of this change is that they may schedule appointments with him in Burnsville now, if that is closer to them.  
Dr. Folkner and Dr. Smoker’s Spruce Pine office is located at 88 Hospital Drive and can be reached at (828) 765-6101.  Burnsville Family Medicine is located on 14 Academy Street and can be reached at (828) 682-7333

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