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 Micro-Business Postings

Policy on Micro-businesses: This page/program is primarily for the sale, exchange, and rental of personal items. For those offering services or home-based businesses we refer to as micro-businesses and air once for free, after that we charge $5 per day for additional airings and then it will be posted 2 weeks on this site. Email or talk to Holly Hall for details. (Her contact information can be found by clicking the MEET THE STAFF button on the left.) Regular trading post items may be submitted by emailing 940@wkyk.com or 1470@wtoe.com.

Yard Sales at Shear Perfection

The Sale at Shear Perfection, located at 117 Westover Drive in Burnsville, starts Monday July 28th through Saturday August 2nd.  Yard sales will be held outside every day this week.  Each day there will be different people sellihng lots of items to choose from.   Plus on July 30th and 31st there will be a sale at Shear Perfection with all products inside 50% off and refreshments.  For more information call 678-9221.