Why Do some People Have Dogs?

I wonder why some people have dogs. It is sad to think that some people will never experience the true personality of their dog/dogs. It seem some people are content to keep them chained or in a box or a small lot day after day after day. How sad that the dog depends on the person for food, water and attention, only to get food and water. Why have a dog in the first place. They are not lawn ornaments. They are social/pack animals that need social interaction. If you believe they have no soul...don't have one... .. . neither do you. i am not suggesting spend every moment with your dog. But at least give them room to roam a bit. Life on the end of a chain is a miserable life for a dog. Maybe a a dog lot with some walks a few times a day. In a perfect world , to me, all dogs would come inside at the end of the day and sleep in a cozy house with their master. But this is not a perfect world. If you don't t want to invest the time or money ... don't get a dog/ cat/ horse, etc.

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