Results of French Broad Meeting

Joe Justice and Gordon Randolph of Madison County, Jimmy Ray of Yancey County, and Keith Kuhne of Mitchell County were re-elected for three-year terms on the French Broad Electric Membership Corporation’s Board of Directors at the Annual Meeting held in Marshall on Saturday, May 3rd. 675 members registered in-person for the meeting from 3:00pm to 5:00pm.

For District No. 1, Madison County, Joe Justice was elected with 2,543 votes while his opponent, George Lehto, received 425 votes.  For District No. 1, Madison County, Gordon Randolph was elected with 2,536 votes while his opponent, Gerald Davis, received 431 votes.  For District No. 3, Yancey County, Jimmy Ray was elected with 2,548 votes while his opponent Barron Brown received 421 votes.  For District No. 4, Mitchell County, Keith Kuhne ran unopposed and was elected by acclamation

 French Broad Electric Membership Corporation is a member-owned rural electric cooperative providing electricity to approximately 38,000 meters in Buncombe, Madison, Yancey and Mitchell counties in North Carolina and Unicoi and Cocke counties in Tennessee.

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