Yancey BOE Approves Employment Contracts

At its regular monthly meeting on Monday, May 05, 2014, the Yancey County Board of Education approved the following personnel for continued employment in the 2014-15 school year for one-year contracts:
Bald Creek
  1. Stacey Carver
  2. Ashley Hughes
  3. Janice Robinson
  4. Ashley Willis
  5. Victoria Zitney – 80% Media (Temp)
Bee Log
  1. Kim Ransom
  1. Dusty LeeAnn Beam
  2. Renee Duncan
  3. Jenny Grindstaff
  4. Ashley Hudgins
  5. Meghan Huskins
  6. Aimee Lovejoy
  7. Brinton McKinney
  1. Shannon Edge
  2. Megan Hobson
South Toe
  1. Judi Cole (60% EC Teacher – Temp)
  2. Kim Cripps
  3. Shelly Swann
Cane River
  1. Courtney Barnett
  2. Judi Davids
  3. Brinkley Fox
  4. Karen Gurley
  5. Victoria Hensley
  6. Randy Laws
  7. Beth Penland Wytt (50% Title I - Temp)
  8. Jessica Watts
East Yancey
  1. Brad Carey
  2. Heather Cline
  3. Casey Davis
  4. Lucy Lodge
  5. Joshua Matney
  6. Naomie McKinney
  7. Dawn Proffitt
Mountain Heritage
  1. Ashley Autrey
  2. Heather Babb Graham
  3. Karen Banks
  4. Jeremy Burnette
  5. Andrew Cooper (Temp – Pending Licensure Requirements)
  6. Jeremy Dotts
  7. Aimee Hall
  8. Angie Holtzclaw
  9. Cathryn Hughes
  10. Patricia Hughes
  11. Brent Laws
  12. Alexandra Meyer
  13. Erica Moore
  14. Joe Morrill
  15. Shannon Oesch
  16. Jack Pirrie  (Temp – Pending Licensure Requirements)
  17. Jered Pope
  18. Kacie Renfro
  19. Sallie Senseney
  20. Shane Sullivan
  21. Olivia Watson
  22. Jason Wheeler  (Temp – Pending Licensure Requirements)
Because of new guidelines set forth by the General Assembly in eliminating career status for teachers, teachers are no longer offered career contracts.   The School Board will act on administrator contract renewals at its next meeting.
In additional personnel action, the School Board instructed Superintendent Dr. Tony Tipton to move forward with finalizing names of employees that will be offered the four year contract which includes a pay raise in return for giving up career status (tenure).   Dr. Tipton informed the Board that he will wait until the short session of the General Assembly is complete to see if the legislatures make any changes to this requirement.  Dr. Tipton said that if there are no changes, he anticipates having the list of employees accepting the offer at the June 2nd board meeting.  

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