Crosswalks in Burnsville

I've walked through town for years walking to work and not one person stopped! Not even the police. I was raised in burnsville and lived in town most of my life. Not once did anyone let me cross! In the rain, people drive faster just so you CNT cross. So its not just for visitors its for people like me who doesn't drive and trying to get to work or store. I would stand there for what felt like forever waiting for someone to slow down or stop at the cross walk sign!! No one!!

As I read on the news page concerning Burnsville not being pedestrian friendly. might I remind you that their are Crosswalks all over Burnsville Even stating it is State Law to Stop. with that said it is my opinion that if the visitors would use these crosswalks instead of just getting out of their vehicles and stepping out and expecting people to stop on a dime or just walking down the sidewalk and deciding to step out wherever they are into the road expecting special privileges. Is there not a Jaywalking Law to go with the Law to Stop at crosswalks. It is My opinion some just are interested in pleasing "the visitors"  And Sure is  a great idea to buy signs for TOURIST ( what a joke) my opinion better save town's money for one of the visitors who falls on the broken down sidewalks who sues the town. My Opinion And To Bring This Matter To Public Knowledge.

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