Eyesore on Reservoir Road

 I was talking about the Reservoir Rd. in Spruce Pine.

For your information, your neighbors pay taxes too, and you should have thought about this before you moved in. If you ask your neighbors, you are probably an eyesore to them. I for one do not like looking up on a mountain and seeing Mt. Aire. Junk is in the eyes of the beholder. Anthony Robinson


I thought there was a town wide ordinance that if a vehicle sets in your yard for 4 years without running it had to be towed away. Well, drive up Reservoir road and from the start till you reach the top of the hill it looks like nothing but a junk yard. There are 2 if not more vehicles that have not been moved in 6 or 8 years and the whole place is an eyesore going up to the top of the hill. Everyone past the top of the hill tries to keep their place in order and looking good, but when you are bringing someone to your house, it looks like you are taking them through Sanford and Son to get there. Also the barking dogs are a nuisance. We pay enough city taxes that should take care of this. Thanks

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