Yancey Officials on Lottery Proceeds

Yancey County Manager Nathan Bennett, County Planner Jamie McMahan and County Clerk Jason Robinson attended the May 28 County Assembly Day, sponsored by the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners, and helped advocate to restore and protect the county share of proceeds from the North Carolina Education Lottery.
“Restoring the full share of lottery proceeds and the statutes that designate counties as a recipient of lottery funds is our top priority this session,” said NCACC Executive Director David F. Thompson. “We appreciate the support of the hundreds of commissioners who came to County Assembly Day and helped heighten awareness of this issue in the General Assembly.  The lottery is the only remaining state-funded support for public school construction.”
Over the past five years, counties have lost more than $300 million in lottery funds. The Legislature has reduced the county lottery share each of the past four years (see chart). For the current fiscal year, the Legislature appropriated $100 million – or slightly more than half of what counties would have received – to school construction. In 2013, the Legislature eliminated the statute that directed 40 percent of net lottery funds to school construction.
Just like most rural counties, Yancey County depends on construction funding from the lottery since the State Legislature has removed other state sources of funding for school building construction and maintenance.  Without full funding from the Legislature major facility needs, such as roofs or classroom additions, must be delayed or completed in phases.  “Yancey County Schools have done a tremendous job in maintaining our schools for years but the needs are great and the Legislature needs to uphold its end of the bargain to provide the local school systems the resources they are due from lottery proceeds.  Yancey County is eager to work with our legislative delegation to ensure that the school system has the funding necessary to provide proper facilities needed to educate our children,” said Yancey County Manager Nathan Bennett.
Lottery/ADM loss to counties since 2009-10 (Numbers in millions)
Year Lottery $ rec. 40% share Difference % of proceeds.
2009-10 $147.2 $147.2 $0.0 40%
2010-11 $113.7 $176.5 $62.8 25.8%
2011-12 $100.0 $170.0 $70.0 23.5%
2012-13 $100.0 $176.5 $76.5 22.7%
2013-14 $100.0 $192.8 $92.8 20.7%
Totals $560.9 $863.0 $302.1 26.0%

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