President Does What He Wants

I wound like to express my opinion, as well as bring facts to the public interest. This is not concerning one being a democrat or republican, it is another example of President Obama demonstrating his Disregarding the Constitution, as well as Disregarding an order that no prisoner could be transferred before thirty days from git-mo. President Obama once again used his Presidential powers to DO WHAT HE WANTED. "which is  becoming a common thing" The very Idea That The President Of The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Sworn to uphold the Constitution Of This COUNTRY. Would make the decision to trade five seasoned Taliban fighters which has had the life mission to bring harm, death to all Americans for one Soldier who was a prisoner of war which goes against The Law of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. "that we as a nation "DO NOT NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORIST" IT was reported that the reason for the trade was the decline of the Soldier's health, I do not know what the extent of the Soldiers health problems are but if you have been able to watch the video of the exchange the Soldier was able to walk under his own power to  the Helicopter. Then it gets more sickening to me when it was reported that the five Taliban gave their word that would stay where they were advised to and other things.( I SAY HOGWASH) Myself I would not believe none of the Taliban if their tongues came notarized. President Obama has used his executive powers to much I believe "my opinion in which each one has the right to agree or disagree" It appears that the President is bound to make THIS GREAT NATION A SOCIALIST ONE. He wants to take away OUR RIGHTS, OUR Right to Bear Arms, Force us into Obama Care, make it legal for two men or two women to berecognized as a couple as well as the murder of little innocent Babies and force all the rest of us to accept it." Personally I NEVER WILL" their are many other things I would like to address but almost out of space. May I Also Give My Opinion that Some Democrats and Republicans have the same agenda's that's not favorable or for the best interest of the AMERICAN PEOPLE .It  Is Time To Wake Up And Stand And Fight This Kind Of Government. Our Nation Is one of Democracy NOT One of Dictatorship The AMERICAN PEOPLE ELECTS PRESIDENT'S. CERTAINLY WE DON'T WANT A KING. 

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