Meal Contract Saves Money

(Press release from Yancey Sheriff's Department)
Sheriff Gary Banks was pleased to announce this week that his office was able to reduce the inmate meal budget from $175,000 to 125,000 a total savings of $50,000.  As of January 1st 2014, the Blue Flame Grill, a Madison County based business, became responsible for the inmate meals. Sheriff Gary Banks says “A Bid offer was put out by my office and we did receive four bids, of which the Blue Flame Grill was by far the lowest.” Currently the Blue Flame grill is delivering meals to the Yancey County Jail from the Blue Flame Restaurant in Madison County, but they are actively seeking a location to open a new restaurant here in the county. A portion of these savings will go to help fund the Sheriff’s Office Inmate work program. This program uses sentenced inmates and community service workers to complete various tasks around the county. To date they have made many improvements to the court house and grounds, picked up road side trash, helped mow county parks, painted a fence and removed an old structure from the grounds of the Yancey History Society, polished floors at Pensacola VFD and the Yancey County Bus garage, and have cleaned around many other county and state owned properties. 

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