Green Mtn Man Exhibits Invention at Trade Show

 InventHelp’s INPEXâ, America’s Largest Invention Trade Show, announces that Dane Rote, from Green Mountain, N.C., has invented a redesigned household rolled paper holder. This patent-pending invention will be exhibited at INPEX 2014, June 18-20, in downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Rolled paper is a common household item and oftentimes, users like to place the rolled paper in a convenient device that allows for easy dispensing. Unfortunately, many of these devices feature a flimsy design and the rolled paper does not seem to tear off easily, the roll doesn’t seem to hold firmly inside the device or the rolled paper releases at a rapid rate. One inventor thought of a unique design and invented “Quick Change Rolled Paper Holder”, which is a solution to keep the paper roll in place for proper quick and easy dispensing.
Quick Change Rolled Paper Holder is a redesigned household rolled paper holder that a user does not have to put a rod through in order to use. The holders have two-half-moon sides with rods that spin freely and also hold the sides firmly in place. The rods spin with the rolled paper as it is retrieved. They are designed to attach to the wall or be free-standing. The invention may be produced in multiple colors, camouflage, and designer models. Quick Change Rolled Paper Holder can be used for tailgating and incorporated in the design of a user’s kitchen or bath.
The inventor thought of his idea after a trip to the restroom. “My wife placed the toilet paper on the empty rod,” said Rote. “I got up during the night and when I went to retrieve the paper, I noticed that the rod was spinning with the toilet paper. Ah-Ha moment!”
Rote is exhibiting at INPEX with the hopes of finding a manufacturer, venture capitalist, licensor or a patent sell. Prototypes are provided by Darryl Silvers Custom Cabinets.
INPEX, The Invention Show, is a unique trade show that showcases new products and innovations that are available to business and industry to manufacture, license or distribute. As part of the trade show, The Invention Show sponsors INPEX Inventors University™, a series of seminars, presentations, and panel discussions to provide information that inventors may find useful in pursuing their ideas. This year, INPEX is proud to announce Maxine Clark, Founder of Build-A-Bear Workshop, as the 2014 keynote speaker. INPEX 2014 will once again be held at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in downtown Pittsburgh. 
INPEX is a service of InventHelp®, America’s largest invention submission company. For more information about this inventor or INPEX, call 888-54-INPEX or visit

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