Deyton/Harris team

Mitchell Schools Math Olympiad

Several students from Mitchell County Schools were among the 150,000 students worldwide to participate this year in the Math Olympiads program. The program is meant to stretch the abilities of students in grades 4 -8, strengthening their foundation for both assessment tests and more advanced studies. The students participated in a series of five monthly contests of five problems each, from November to March.
There were two teams for grades 4-6: one comprised of students from Gouge Elementary and Bowman Middle; the other of students from Deyton Elementary and Harris Middle. Weekly after-school practice sessions were held at each site under the coaching and supervision of Dana Hollifield, and co-sponsors Christin Johnson and Rhonda Franklin. We encouraged the students to solve unusual and difficult problems and to think creatively.

Gouge/Bowman team
MCS students responded well to this challenge. Students on each team were recognized with certificates for their participation. Three students won national awards of excellence within Division E for grades 4-6. The embroidered felt patch is given to those in the top 50% of all participants worldwide. This honor was achieved by Samuel Stewart (Gouge/Bowman), John McCurry (Deyton/Harris), and Alyssa Ashurst (Deyton/Harris).
Top scorers for the Gouge/Bowman team were Samuel Stewart (Top Scorer) and Mary Ferguson (Honorable Mention). Top scorers for the Deyton/Harris Team were John McCurry and Alyssa Ashurst (tied for Top Scorer) and Caroline Atkins (Honorable Mention). These five students received trophies.
Participants of the Gouge/Bowman team were:
Mary Ferguson, Gracie Houser, Aidan Hutchings, Chandra Jenkins, Sarah Love, Taylor Pattillo, Peighton Robison, Samuel Stewart, and Miranda Wilson.
Participants of the Deyton/Harris team were:
Alyssa Ashurst, Caroline Atkins, Jaden Barnett, Olivia Biddix, Carlos Gembe, Corey Grindstaff, Isaac Homes, Si Tao Lin, John McCurry, Carson Phillips, Maddie Tollison, Tanner Townsend, Hunter Wilson, and Cole Woodard.

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