A running 1987 Dodge Ram D100 Extended Bed Truck. I got the truck so my son and I could restore it but, because of my wife's health we can no longer afford to take on this project. I have misplaced the title so I am selling the Truck as a parts truck. This truck has to be gone by the end of the June The slant 6 engine purrs like a kitten and it has a strong 3 speed manual transmission with overdrive. I have rebuilt the 1 bbl carburetor twice but, if the vehicle sits more then 6 hours the gas drains from the carburetor and I have to prime it to start. I think that it is time for new carburetor. The battery is dead from sitting the last 2 months and the starter solenoid has gone out also. but the truck will start with a jump and bumping the starter with a screwdriver. Price: $1000.00 OBO...call 828.678.0788

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