Mitchell EDC Expresses Need for High Speed

In this global world that we live in, the need for high speed fiber optic internet service is becoming a must for industry. Getting high speed internet service to all businesses and residents is at the top of the priority list for the Economic Development Commission in Mitchell County.  Wednesday afternoon the commission was updated on the progress being made by Country Cablevision in installing the infrastructure to make that happen.  A Country Cablevision spokesman told the commission in a meeting in Bakersville that the company is making good progress in the effort. EDC President Bill Slagle said that the county wants to put some local manufacturing mainstays, such as Buck Stove, BRP, PNC and the county’s mining industry at the top of the list to receive the faster internet capabilities which are much needed as companies in the area expand and develop their modern manufacturing processes. Representatives from some of those companies were at the meeting and voiced their concerns to the commission and told Slagle that they are doing everything that they can on their end to get ready for the fiber optic cable and expressed their excitement about the opportunities it will bring for their industries. Country Cable said that the project should be completed by this time next year, stating that 50 percent of the project should be finished by the end of the year.

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