Moral March to the Polls Goes Door-to-Door 6/30

The Moral March to the Polls will be canvassing in Yancey and Mitchell Counties and Monday, June 30th.   Teams of 10 in each NAACP branch across the state will go door to door for an hour, 5:30-6:30 pm, giving out voter information and taking registrations. They will share new poll data showing majority support for Moral Movement positions and shrinking support for the NC legislature and governor.  Young people are especially invited to participate.

In Yancey County, canvas locations will be Poplar Grove trailer park, Woodland Apartments, and the Mark Park land trust community.  Mitchell County’s team will focus on Fairground Apartments and Deer Park Lake.

At 7:00 pm, directly following the canvas, there will be a watch party for a live stream broadcast of a roll call of counties and update on the campaign at the Celo Community Center (intersection of NC Rte 80 So. and Seven Mile Ridge Road, opposite Celo Health Center). Everyone welcome to attend.

To participate in a canvas, call any member of the Executive Committee:
Wanda Woodby, 682-7900 (H)  or 678-0197 (cell) (Yancey) 
Raven Tata, 284-0354 (Yancey)
Joy Boothe, 675-5413 (Yancey)
Robin Ellis  765-7453 (Mitchell)
Sam Maren 675-1639 (Yancey)
Jenifer Morgan 675-5525 (Yancey)
Risa Larsen 765-0318 (Mitchell)
Jon Ward, 678-9170 (Mitchell)
Bob Carey 675-5271 (Yancey)

 Moral March to the Polls
·       Statewide the goal is 50,000 new voters registered and 5,000 new NAACP members – enough to reverse previous election results for the state legislature
·       To do this, we will ask coalition partner organizations also to set goals.  Door-to-door and phone canvas lists of people who are not registered to vote will be generated from the Voter Action Network database.
·       Momentum is building as new polls show major shifts in public opinion toward our position on the issues, and significant drops in approval of the legislature and governor.
·       Involving young people is very important.  Each branch should have a Youth Unit
·       40 youth interns are assigned as organizers to counties across the state.  Wilmarie Cintron-Muniz is working in Yancey, Mitchell, and Madison counties.
·       Maintaining our non-partisan stance at all times is critical.

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