**Irish Fiddler Martin Hayes in Concert at Home in Celo

Internationally known Irish Fiddler Martin Hayes, of County Clare Ireland, will bring his unforgettable solo fiddling to a house concert in lovely Celo, a mountain community in Burnsville, NC on Sunday afternoon, July 20th. Potluck will begin at 2, concert at 3:30. Bruce Greene and Kore Loy McWhirter, Celo musicians, will offer some unaccompanied ballads in tight vocal harmony to complement the afternoon's Appalachian style home-based music entertainment. The event will take place at the home of Steve and Eliza Millard. Cost is $25 with all proceeds going to the performer.  For more information or to make a reservation call 765-6628: directions to the home will be provided with your reservation.  Additional information can also be obtained by emailing cathylarsonsky@hotmail.com.

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