Mitchell BOE Looks at Drug Policy Change

The Mitchell County Board of Education is in the process of reviewing its drug testing policies for Mountaineer athletes at Mitchell High School.  Mitchell is currently the only school in the Western Highlands Conference to drug test their athletes, while Avery County has a policy to randomly test all students who are engaged in any extra-curricular activities. Although the school system has outside companies randomly test 20 athletes at the cost of around $1200 per year, in the eight years that the program has been in place no athlete has been caught with the testing. Results like these have caused some in the community to question the policy, asking for more focus on drug prevention efforts instead. As the policy now stands the school can investigate something an athlete supposedly did outside the jurisdiction of the school. The School Board has asked that changes be made to the student/athlete handbook for the board to review and discuss before taking a vote on the policy at their next meeting.

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