Mistake to Bring Ebola Virus Here

This opinion is concerning EBOLA, AS An American I fully support Doctors helping with present  outbreak of the Ebola virus and support the United States helping any way they can. However these Doctors could have been treated where they were Instead of Bringing Ebola into The United States Where it had never been. One of the Doctors at the hospital where they brought the Male Doctor say THEY BELIEVED THERE WAS ONLY SLIGHT CHANCE OF THE VIRUS SPREADING IN AMERICA= Note:" SLIGHT" Some people believe what the Government says regardless. and are so narrow minded just because a government run media or organization says something IT IS THE TRUTH.  What about the smallpox virus scare a few weeks back?  I have gave this situation much Thought and Prayer and honestly believe if this had been me I would have stayed where I was because of the fear of no matter how qualified the Doctors and teams are that HUMAN ERROR Plays to big a role here by simply the smallest of holes in the suit or a glove, to the disposal of syringes, gauze, bodily fluids, how many times do we here that bio hazardous materials have been found in the wrong dumpster or the landfill HUMAN ERROR and because of my decision a  outbreak at home where hundreds maybe thousands Get EBOLA and suffer. According to the Authorized 1611 King James Bible you will find in Hebrews 9:27 And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment. So if it is your time to die you will die in Africa or United States, or in your bed.  I do care for all people in the world I believe that no soldier be left behind. I care for The Little BABIES that are MURDERED Every day here in the United States. I also care that The United States is in The Deep Moral Decline It Is In. My Hope Is that People will Hear the Gospel Be Convicted, Believe On The LORD JESUS CHRIST AND CONFESS THEIR SINS AND COME TO KNOW THE LORD JESUS CHRIST AND BE SAVED.  I Believe that this post is of interest to all the public ALL of it.

Of course people are gonna be scared & saying we had no business bringing those Docs back to America. That's what the Fear Mongers on Fox News & the radio tell them to feel. Fear. It's a complex world out there & some folks just can't handle the complexity so they look to others to be told what to feel & how to think. Looking to others is much much easier than thinking for yourself.

The panic ensuing from the decision to bring home two Dr's who have been treating patients in the Ebola stricken areas of Africa is predictable. There will always be those people for whom humanity is way down the list in the way they live their lives. These Drs are incredibly brave and selfless, I applaud them. We as a nation should take care of our citizens, just as with our soldiers, no man left behind. The measures taken to protect the healthcare workers who will be treating these to souls are second to none, and our safety will not be compromised. Read up and educate yourselves people, stop listening to the fear mongers and conspiracy theorists, this is right up their alley. Step out of your comfort zone and support your fellow Americans.

Just wanted to express my opinion on the C.D.C. deciding to bring doctor to Atlanta to treat them, I personally believe this is a big mistake .these who were treating  the people with EBOLA no doubt taking every precaution to protect themselves but still at least one Doctor has died. I ask the public to ask themselves was this really best to bring this Disease into America? EBOLA HAS NO CURE and we hear pretty often how Different Viruses are accidently released into the population. Consider if this so - called Isolation fails in one area one item used in the treatment in Atlanta one mask one swab one glove One Human Error the EBOLA VIRUS will start killing Americans Spreading to All The United States Of America. Why Did  These People Who Made The Decision to Bring This KILLER INTO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA? 

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