MCC Gateways Now Available

The third edition of Gateways, the creative arts journal of Mayland Community College that celebrates the creative work of our communities, is now available.  
The College welcomed submissions from students, community members, and faculty and staff, with the theme of the third edition focusing on the untraveled road. Gateways features short stories, photography, and poetry. Contributors for 2014 included Debra P. Barnett, Elizabeth Huendo, Charlie Ken Palmer, Emily Clawson, Sarahanne Smith, Sara Belle Burrell, Elaine Batts Percival, Lisa Crane, Telia Tollison, Haven Jenkins, Lisa Surber, Rachel Staton, Robin Ayers, Kearney Smith, Jan Cavanaugh Graham, Hannah McCormick, Kelli Lawrence, Joy Boothe, Thomas W. Surber, Betty Boyd, Leaha Glover, Sandy Pierce, Nathaniel Hardy and Brenda Hoss.
For more information on getting a copy of the publication contact Mayland’s Mitchell Campus at 828-766-1200.
Community is a critical part of where and who we are as Mayland Community College.  The local areas belong to a place and a culture that ties people, families, and communities in a complex and deeply woven way. Gateways is a community of artists whose writing and visual art come together to create something unique and beautiful. In the 2015 edition, Mayland invites individuals to join this group, with poetry, prose, photography and more, in celebrating community. There are many kinds of community, both common and unexpected, and the hope is to see a vast array of possible interpretations and adaptations of this theme.
The deadline for submissions for the 2015 edition is October 31, 2014. Further submission guidelines, including a contributor’s form, can be found at or by emailing
Pictured is contributor Lisa Crane, reading a piece of her poetry that was published in the 2014 edition of Gateways. 

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