Ferguson, Missouri Protest

 I am not being insensitive but I think the local protesters on this topic is ridiculous! Why is it when this type of thing happens in our country, the cop is a racist and they always refer to the shot victim as an 18 year old boy or a teenager....yes I am aware 18 is a teen still. On the other hand I also know in this country 18 is considered a legal adult......if they aren't adults they shouldn't be allowed to vote, get loans, sign for themselves, buy tobacco products etc....let's please remember this "kid" had just robbed a store and once confronted by the officer he reaches to pull out a knife and puts it up like he is going to stab them and proceeds to move closer.....well duh of course he got shot. Everyone knows if you have a weapon and confronted by police, and are innocent you tell them your armed and put both hands in plain sight, not reach and grab your weapon and move closer. And then the protesters, trying to attack police and other personnel because they are mad over this. Now what I am about to say is going to ruffle some feathers but its MY opinion....if a white male had been shot by a black officer under the same circumstances, there wouldn't be protesting and shouts of racial prejudice, everyone (that's ALL races) would say well he was a thief and charged at an officer with a weapon, that's what he gets. You may not like it but it's true.

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