MHU Receives Over $5000 from Bagley/McCollough Charitable Fund

Five western North Carolina nonprofit or charity organizations have received almost $48,000 through a project called the Piggy Bank Project started by the Bagley/McCollough Charitable Fund of Asheville.
            Representatives from each organization met on December 1 to discuss strategies for creating cultures of giving within their organizations, and to tally up donations received through the project. Many of the donations received came from the Bagley/McCollough Fund. The individual organizations will choose what the proceeds are used for, with MHU using its funds to benefit students and to enhance student programs.
The nonprofit organizations received donations in the following amounts:
Eblen Charities: $21,500.00
Eliada Homes for Children: $10,072.00
Manna Food Bank: $7,709.00
Mars Hill University $5,068.17
Salvation Army: $3,250.00.00
TOTAL: $47,599.17
Dr. Dan Lunsford, president of Mars Hill University, said, “For nonprofits in western North Carolina and throughout the nation, the spirit of giving exemplified by this project enables us all to do the work that we do. The generosity of the Bagley/McCollough Charitable Fund and other important donors to our organizations have an immeasurable effect on improving the lives of people in western North Carolina and beyond.”

Pictured: Dr. Dan Lunsford, president of Mars Hill University, counts the money in the MHU piggy bank.

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