Dellinger Explains Affordable Care Act

On Thursday, December 22, at the weekly meeting of the Rotary Club of Spruce Pine, Amber Dellinger, Outreach Coordinator/Certified Application Counselor for Bakersville Community Health Center, presented a program on the current open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act. Open enrollment ends January 31, 2017. She discussed the reach and purpose of the program and how it’s utilized to assist Mitchell County residents to obtain low cost health insurance. The ACA requires everyone to obtain health insurance or pay a tax penalty. There are subsidies to assist low income residents to afford coverage. A number of residents qualify for these subsidies and tax credits which can significantly reduce the effective monthly cost of the health insurance. Unfortunately North Carolina did not expand Medicaid as available through the ACA. This causes some very low income residents that really need health insurance to now be left out of all support. Amber urged Rotarians to contact their state representatives to request the expansion of Medicaid in NC.
Pictured is Amber Dellinger receiving a locally handmade Rotary mug from club President Alex Glover.

Photo by Rotarian Alice Courtland

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