Blossman Gas Top Gas Logs Safety Tips

Blossman Gas has developed several important tips to remind homeowners how to safely and efficiently  use propane appliances, such as gas logs. To answer more of your questions on propane safety go to:
Here are 8 SIMPLE GAS LOG SAFETY TIPS to help you enjoy your gas logs responsibly for years to come:
  1. Always Have a Professional Install Your Gas Logs.  Installing a set of gas logs is not a do-it-yourself job. If installed incorrectly, gas logs can leak gas or carbon monoxide into your home, or fill your room with soot.
  2. Consult Local Building Codes Before Installing Gas Logs. In general, requirements for installation of gas logs are similar throughout the country, although there can be differences from place to place.
  3. Purchase a Safety Pilot with your Gas Log Set.  Some retailers will sell you a set of gas logs without a safety pilot. The lighting system on this sort of set is called a "match light" system, and is less expensive than a safety pilot. However, without a safety pilot assembly, it is very easy for you to turn off the flame to your gas log set and still have gas seeping into your home. This could go on for hours before you noticed the leak, creating a dangerous situation. A safety pilot eliminates this hazard by shutting off the gas valve whenever there is no flame. In addition, when you keep the safety pilot lit between uses of your gas logs, you can fire them up again with the turn of a knob.
  4. Purchase a Carbon Monoxide Detector and an ODS Sensor. A carbon monoxide detector is a good thing to have in your home even if you don't own a set of gas logs, since many home appliances can produce this toxic gas. If you own a set of gas logs, though, a CO detector is a must. This is more of a concern with vent free gas logs than with vented gas logs, since much of the CO produced by vented gas logs will go up your chimney, but if your flue is not opened properly or your chimney is blocked by something then burning your vented gas logs could still be filling your home with CO. If you're buying a set of vent-free gas logs, we highly recommend purchasing an Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS) system with your set. This device automatically shuts off your gas logs if the oxygen content of the air gets too low.
  5. Never Burn Anything in Your Gas Log Set.  It is very important for proper operation that your gas logs burn cleanly, and this means that you should never throw anything into your gas log fire.
  6. Find out the Safety Rating for Your Gas Logs.  The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) determines safety standards for most residential heating products, including gas logs. If you're unsure about whether a set of gas logs is ANSI certified, give your Blossman store a call and ask.
  7. Never Let Children Operate your Gas Logs.
  8. If a Pilot Light Repeatedly Goes Out or is very difficult to light, there may be a
            safety problem.
  • DO NOT try to fix the problem yourself.
  • It is strongly recommended that only a QUALIFIED SERVICE TECHNICIAN light any pilot light that has gone out.
  • Carefully follow all of the manufacturer’s instructions and warnings concerning the appliance before attempting to light the pilot.
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