Celo Health Center and Dr. Philip Mitchell Receive Awards

In April 2017, Celo Health Center received the Transformation Leaders Award from Mission Health Partners (MHP) ACO.  The “Transformation Leaders” award is given to practices who truly go above and beyond in terms of using clinical data to improve quality and outcomes for their patients.  “The team at Celo Health Center has made great strides throughout the past year in the ways that they are measuring and tracking their data, developing work flows and processes that ensure the highest quality care for their patients.  We at MHP are very proud of all that Celo Health Center has accomplished, and look forward to seeing their continued growth,” said Kelly Terry, Provider Relations Representative.
On June 9, 2017, Philip Mitchell, MD., Medical Director of Celo Health Center received the Medical Provider Award from the NC Office of Rural Health. The Medical Provider Award is presented to a provider who exhibits exemplary leadership, extraordinary service, and dedication to their patients and the community. Dr. Mitchell has been a provider at Celo Health Center for 20 years. In addition to being a very fine physician, Philip advocates for the care of the whole community. As Medical Director of Celo Health Center, Philip has worked tirelessly to make sure that patients get the care they need regardless of their ability to pay. In his nomination letter Tim Evans, Practice Manager had this to say; “If Philip knew I was writing this letter, he wouldn’t want me to list his accomplishments. He would tell me to tell you that he loves his patients. He loves his staff. He loves doing the real work of being a rural family practice doctor. He loves holding the newborn baby that he has just delivered in his arms. He is deeply honored to sit in the living room of the family who has just watched an elder pass. Philip is dedicated to his community.”
In February 2017, Celo Health Center joined Bakersville Community Health Center and Spruce Pine Health Center to form the Mountain Community Health Partnership.
                                                                                                                                                            For more information or to learn more about our health center please contact:                             Amber Dillinger, Outreach and Enrollment 828-688-2104   adillinger@mchp.care or  Tim Evans, Practice Manager 828-675-4116 tevans@mchp.care

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Article written by: Amber Dillinger, Outreach and Enrollment Coordinator


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