Fairground Apartments

I agree with who wrote about fairground apt have people living there don't work nothing wrong with them own 2 or 3 vehicle s home all day make noise let their dog bark let their kids stay up all night loud nothing is ever said going to contact the main place in Raleigh see what happens 

I agree with the person talking about the fairground apartments people don't work own 2or3 cars and a motorcycle make all kinds of noise trash everywhere dogs barking all the time when they leave pay no rent got it made people living here with Tenn tags good management

 It is not fair that people have to live where they feel unsafe . Fairground apartments has went down hill in the last year .Just walking outside I see a lot going on . I used to be able to leave my door unlocked. I think there  should be better back ground checks and not rent to just anyone.we need to feel safe and our children need to be safe

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