Subway Supports 4-H Healthy Living Program

Both Subway® and 4-H are committed to promoting habits that help youth in the community better understand the importance of eating well and being healthy. That is why we are partnering with your neighborhood Subway® restaurants to support local Healthy Living Programs with 4-H Sundays at Subway®! This summer, June 25 through August 27, visit a select Subway® restaurant in your area for a chance to win up to $15,000 for your state and a $5 Subway gift card for you!

Entering is easy:
  1. Enter with Instagram: Share a photo of you and your meal. Be sure to tag it with#4HSundaysContest AND your state (#AL, #GA, #IN, #KY, #NC, #OH).
  2. Don’t Have Instagram? Go to to upload your photo.
Help 4-H and Subway® make it possible for more youth in local communities to experience youth-led, hands-on programs in nutrition education, cooking, physical activity and emotional well-being.

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