Solar Eclipse

So, let me get this right, Yancey County schools are going to close for the upcoming eclipse because, and I quote, " of the exceptional education opportunity". In others words, for your kids to learn something special, we need to shut down so they can. I've got another idea. How about the teachers and the school system use it to ENHANCE the experience with additional information. You should be well rested after your 3-month vacation to be able to come up with something. Maybe a "viewing festival" with parents invited. A guest speaker. Serve Sunny D and MoonPies, my treat. At the very least you could make sure everyone views the eclipse safely. The possibilities are endless. But I guess it would be too much trouble and effort. It's selfish of our kids to expect a little work from our public servants that are paid to teach them. But I guarantee you we'll hear the cry for pay raises before Labor Day. 

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