Mountain Community Health Partnership Explains Blue Cross

Recently a number of our patients may have received a letter from Blue Cross Blue Shield regarding their physician at one of the Mountain Community Health Partnership centers; Celo Health Center or Bakersville Community Medical Clinic.  The letter from BCBS of NC indicated that as of October 5, 2017, their physician is no longer in network with Blue Medicare HMO and that they have been assigned to a new provider. While factually correct, the letter is misleading in that it does not clearly state that this happened because their physician has admitting privileges with Mission Health and Blue Ridge Regional Hospital and therefore was lumped in with all the other Mission affiliated physicians impacted by Mission’s decision to leave BCBS.

What are the facts you need to know?
Physicians and Providers at Mountain Community Health Partnership (MCHP) health centers, are in network with BCBS and Blue Medicare HMO and will continue to be in network, even if Mission Health does actually leave BCBS.
MCHP is NOT affiliated in any form or fashion with Mission Health.  We’ve never been part of Mission, and never plan to be. MCHP and all of it’s health centers are community-owned and managed, providing primary care health services to patients in Mitchell, Yancey counties and surrounding areas.
All provider services provided at MCHP health centers are considered in network with BCBS and Blue Medicare HMO.
What do you need to do?
Unfortunately, BCBS is a large corporation and while we will work diligently to have BCBS correct our patients erroneous assignment to another provider, it may take a while. In the meantime, affected patients should call BCBS Customer Service Department to have them assigned back to their original physician at Celo Health Center or Bakersville Community Medical Clinic. The BCBS Customer Service Department is 1-888 310-4110.
We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may cause our patients. It’s unfortunate when patients are negatively impacted by the actions of others. Rest assured that your healthcare is our priority and we’ll continue to provide the highest quality of patient care possible to all of our patients.
Please feel free to contact our Patient Advocate, Amber Dillinger with any questions regarding your Blue Medicare coverage. Open enrollment is coming soon for Medicare and Amber is an expert in assisting patients making the best selection for their coverage. Amber can be reached at 828 688-6621.
For more information or to learn more about our health center please contact:                                
Amber Dillinger, Outreach and Enrollment 828-688-6621                                    
Visit our websites at: or                                                                  Article written by: Chuck Shelton, CEO

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