Bad Pizza and Parking Lots Cost You Money

Instead of blaming the Burnsville people who were born and raised here about shopping elsewhere, you should send a letter to the county commissioners regarding what is brought to the town of Burnsville and the rise in taxes. Burnsville is the only place I have ever lived and I would love to be able to shop here. But please tell me where I can purchase a pair of Nike’s and a pair of Levi’s or dine on something other than fast food. Burnsville is a great town with greater people who deserve better than what we get.


On one level it looks petty of us in Burnsville to make such a fuss over bad pizza and parking lots; we must be blessed to be so fortunate in our complaints. Yet, dismissing or ignoring them is costing our schools - and you the taxpayer. It is a well known fact that despite professing to love their town, Burnsville people regularly leave it to eat and shop elsewhere. I'm guilty of it: I regularly goto Mars Hill for my groceries. And I know of at least 12 other people who do the same - and I don't know a lot of people. Spruce Pine people don't come here to eat or shop - but Burnsville people goto Spruce Pine and elsewhere to do just that. Burnsville seems to be the town that everybody says they love - but love to leave, whenever they're not in their beds. Wherever Pizza, Parking Lots, Steak places and Service is better than in Burnsville, our residents give the Sales Tax to other towns and their schools. Furthermore, that bad Pizza or cramped Parking Lot will raise YOUR taxes. The math is really quite simple: suppose a town needs $10 to pay for something. That $10 will come from Sales Taxes on local businesses and Property Taxes - on local residents. If a town is losing sales tax because its residents are going elsewhere to shop and eat, that means more and more of the $10 will be funded by YOUR property tax. And the only way to get more property tax is to assess and charge your property at a higher rate. So, Pizza and Parking Lots really do matter where it hurts the most - - - your WALLET. 

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