Two Book Signings at the Market on Oak

Author Jill Burleson will be at the Market on Oak in downtown Spruce Pine on Saturday October 21st at 11 am to meet with customers and sign her newest book, Grassy Creek. Jill Burleson, a passionate writer, recipient of the Amy Charles Writing Scholarship at the University of North Carolina, and a nursing graduate with both BSN and MSN who currently works at the Duke University Medical Center as a nurse-practitioner for bone marrow and stem cell transplant, has completed her new book “Grassy Creek”: an enthralling tale of nostalgia and redemption as Luke returns to his childhood home, hoping to reignite the dimming passion that once burned bright.
Author Burleson describes the feeling of sadness and devastation when one is thrust into a disturbing and underwhelming circumstance: “She stopped then and stared at me, searching my face, hoping to see love reflected, I knew. My world was still whirling. How could this be? This perfect day, this perfect life, this perfect girl—they were no longer perfect. My dreams and my heart lay in pieces before me. I had no idea what to say. I was angry, hurt, scared, and immensely saddened all at once. I knew that Joey had finally shown me all of her. She had, in the course of only a few moments, opened her heart completely and surrounded me not only with her love but also with her pain and scars.”
Published by New York City-based Page Publishing, Jill Burleson’s heartwarming narrative follows the ordeals of an oncologist on the verge of losing his aspiration, and must rediscover why he took the path that made him who he is.
Jill Burleson is a native North Carolinian. She was raised in Charlotte, but her roots are embedded in Spruce Pine, nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and it is here she considers her spiritual home. She began writing in grade school and dreamed of writing a Southern fiction novel based in the mountains. She entered the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with the Amy Charles Writing Scholarship and went on to graduate with a degree in her other passion of nursing, both with a BSN and MSN. She currently works at Duke University Medical Center in the oncology department as a nurse-practitioner for bone marrow and stem cell transplant. It is the melding of these two passions that has led to Grassy Creek, her first novel.

Author Pat Turner Mitchell will be at the Market on Oak on Saturday, October 28th from 1 pm-3 pm to sign her latest book “A Mountain To Climb”. Pat Turner Mitchell narrates the story of her parents and their history in A Mountain to Climb, a sequel to Mitchell's first book, Lifted to the Shoulders of a Mountain. This second installment begins with the story of her father's family and his early life and then transitions to her parents meeting. When the young couple marries they are unprepared for the changes thundering toward them in their world. With information gleaned from family letters and records, A Mountain to Climb shares the backgrounds of David and Edith, the consequences of choices made, and how they move forward with their children during World War II and after.

The Market on Oak is located at 262 Oak Avenue, Spruce Pine, NC.  For more information call 828-765-0571.

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