Traffic Laws

Please click the link below to view a map of the laws state-by-state. NC is trying to pass a law to fine slow left-lane drivers, but for now I can drive in the left lane from Madison County to Micaville just to annoy people who like to complain.

Tickets around here get dismissed to easily by clerks office,why would Highwaypatrol want to waste time. Small town politics.


Why do people no longer obey traffic laws? No signals given. Speeding through school zones and through town. The speed limit changes to 45 right before the high school if you are heading into town from the west end and people just ignore it. They drive on either side of the highway, not realizing they need to stay on the right side unless they are passing a car or turning left. It irritates me that they think they drive on either side. What is the point of a 4-lane? There is only 1 sign that says "slower traffic keep right." More of these signs need to be up and they need a sign where the speed limit changes that shows your speed. Weaverville has one and it helps. The HP need to be out there in full force and give out tickets until people learn the traffic laws and don't get me started on the teenagers coming out of the high school when school lets out. They absolutely fly down the straight towards Riverside. Have you noticed all the black marks in front of the traffic lights where people have slid? People make u-turns right in front of a line of ongoing traffic traveling at 55 miles per hour. I feel lucky to get from point A to point B. People need to pay attention and obey the traffic laws and there would be a lot less wrecks.

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