Daily Commentary

 I think Mr.Sink and WKYK do a great job, one of the most respectful radio stations on air in today's world. It would be wonderful if he didn't have to talk about all the negative things going on the world, but he tells it like it is, it would be wonderful also if we lived in a world where we could love each other 365 days a year, talk about Jesus and how he died for us and be thankful everyday....not just in December...don't ya think?

It is my opinion that Mr. Sink is doing a fine job with his commentary on the radio and a good decent man. What some call hate is reality, Mr Sink always tells it like it is, America today is a country in which we have freedom of speech. when i hear something i don't want to hear on radio or t.v. i simply change stations or put it on mute. this may be a good option for you. No disrespect intended,


 In the spirit of the Christmas season, it would truly be a blessing if Mr. Sink could focus his commentaries on the message of love, tolerance, and joy, for the month of December. His negative and polarizing political comments often take the joy out of listening to WTOE in the mornings. Let's focus on the love and forgiveness that Jesus taught as we celebrate his birth. Thank you.

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