Senior Center Needs Your Help

Dear Editor,
How many of you have been a little extra blessed this year?  How many of you would like to be a blessing to someone in need?  Have you ever considered feeding a senior citizen?  Our seniors are the most vulnerable of our population.  Many are homebound and unable to fix a hot meal.  Many are alone with no family around or, in some cases, living.  The Yancey County Senior Center has been feeding this population for decades. 
The Yancey County Senior Center is now serving 75 people through Meals on Wheels – people who may not otherwise get a hot meal.  We currently have 74 clients who come in and eat lunch Monday through Thursday.  We also serve 21 clients through In-Home Aide and pay for 12 people to utilize Yancey Transportation to come in to the Center for meals.  No one over 60 is turned away, or ever charged for their meal.  However, our need continues to grow due to baby boomers becoming seniors.  The need grows but our funding continues to be cut.  We now have a waiting list of 15 people in need of Meals on Wheels and 15 people in need of In-Home Aide services.
If you are looking to donate somewhere this holiday season, the seniors of Yancey County would greatly benefit from your donation.  With so many good causes in the area to donate to, many times seniors are overlooked.  Our mission statement reads “To promote the quality of life and successful aging for the senior citizen population of Yancey County”.  We believe that our seniors are deserving of the security of knowing they will get at least one hot meal a day. 
Donations can be made by mail to Yancey County Senior Center, PO Box 546, Burnsville, NC 28714 or made in person at our facility located at 503 Medical Campus Drive where you can experience what our Center is all about.  All donations are tax deductible.  ANYTHING helps. 
May you be blessed this holiday season,
Yancey County Senior Center Staff

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