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Road Construction

I am warning everyone driving around the road that connects Morning Star Baptist Church Road to the Highway is not only damaging vehicles , but it is very dangerous as well. Apparently the road construction crew either : (1.) Does not care. - or - (2.) Lacks the knowledge on how roads effects vehicles.

Please Take Care of New K-9 Officer

How about this novel idea in keeping new K9 Officer Jacki safe......keep him/her in the house. Kennel inside, let them sleep wherever, keep in the basement. But not outside, exposed to whatever and whoever and the elements. Treat them with respect and love like you would a human Officer. I know most k9 handlers around the states keep their partners in their homes. It’s the right thing to do. 

I'm not sure what the person was implying but I do know that the previous K9 was well taken care of. I'm happy our county has a new one.

While the rules of how to take care of a K-9 is thoughtful, let me suggest that something not offered was " while I'm telling you everyting to do, don't ask me to help you do it". Another worthless opinion with no substance behind it. Perhaps offer to buy the K-9 a barn so he's safe, then people will know how serious you are about the care of the K-9. I think there should be credit give to how well the K-9's are taken care of and NO ONE is 100% protected from Stupidity and Evil people. 


Everyone in Yancey County is happy that the money has been raised to acquire our new K-9 Officer. He is a beautiful, alert dog & will join the force after Christmas. In light of previous K-9 deaths in Western NC, we sincerely hope that an abundance of caution will be exerted in caring for this K-9 Officer. Just a few suggestions: Please don't leave him in a hot car with the windows up. Please observe him carefully so that he doesn't run out in traffic and get hit by a car. Consider locking him up safely in a barn so that he can't be ambushed overnight. Make certain that he has plenty of food and water. Good luck!!

Traffic Laws

Please click the link below to view a map of the laws state-by-state. NC is trying to pass a law to fine slow left-lane drivers, but for now I can drive in the left lane from Madison County to Micaville just to annoy people who like to complain.https://i.kinja-img.com/gawker-media/image/upload/18nadbdqx422hjpg.jpg

Tickets around here get dismissed to easily by clerks office,why would Highwaypatrol want to waste time. Small town politics.


Why do people no longer obey traffic laws? No signals given. Speeding through school zones and through town. The speed limit changes to 45 right before the high school if you are heading into town from the west end and people just ignore it. They drive on either side of the highway, not realizing they need to stay on the right side unless they are passing a car or turning left. It irritates me that they think they drive on either side. What is the point of a 4-lane? There is only 1 sign that says "slower traffic keep right." More of these signs need to be up and they need a sign where the speed limit changes that shows your speed. Weaverville has one and it helps. The HP need to be out there in full force and give out tickets until people learn the traffic laws and don't get me started on the teenagers coming out of the high school when school lets out. They absolutely fly down the straight towards Riverside. Have you noticed all the black marks in front of the traffic lights where people have slid? People make u-turns right in front of a line of ongoing traffic traveling at 55 miles per hour. I feel lucky to get from point A to point B. People need to pay attention and obey the traffic laws and there would be a lot less wrecks.

Mousetrap Excellent Show

I urge anyone who hasn't seen the Parkway Playhouse's version of "The Mousetrap" to do so. It is funny and a mystery and very well done. All the actors and actresses were excellent. 

True Meaning of Being An American

ABSOLUTELY !!! Stand in respect or get off the field .... GO HOME !!

As the Vietnam War Memorial Wall passed through our county along hwy 19E, I just happened to be outside and noticed all the sirens. There was a NCSHP escort along with numerous motorcycles. On many of these motorcycles were a patriotic display of the American flag. The men who are working on the construction project on 19 E, stopped what they were doing and saluted the War Memorial and the American flags as they passed by their job site. What a true meaning of patriotism these construction workers displayed! The flag is about the men and women who sacrificed their lives for our freedom so that we can worship and work in the place of our choice. Perhaps the NFL players should take a lesson from these construction workers. Thank you to the workers who showed their loyalty and respect to our great nation.

Stop Stealing Spruce Pine Business Decorations

Shame on anyone who steals seasonal decorations from Spruce Pine businesses! Our town is making a wonderful effort to decorate for the seasons and to beautify Spruce Pine. Business owners are doing their best to attract customers and bring money into our city. Visitors, tourists, and shoppers are attracted to decorated shops. It's strange that someone has to come to Mitchell County from Newland and steal pumpkins, mums and gourds from an Oak Avenue decorative fall display. Surely Avery County has a few extra pumpkins, mums and gourds that residents could legally purchase there! If not, Mitchell Co. would be glad to sell you some.

Memorial Mission

Yes Mission has made a tremendous mess and it continues. They now have it set up that when you attempt to make an appointment at Blue Ridge Medical Yancey campus you are connected to someone in Asheville who takes information-who knows why or what for-and then connects you to the Burnsville office where you then repeat the information you just gave the person in Asheville. Remember the old phrase "cut off your nose to spite your face"? That is exactly what they have done with BCBSNC. Just because BCBSNC wouldn't give in to their greedy demands they decided to sever the contract. How much money do they now stand to lose when all of those customers find another place to get their medical care. If I were an employee of Mission I would not be feeling too secure in my career future. Just saying!!


Support Mitchell Co. Law Enforcement

Recently, Mitchell County Sheriff, Donald Street, talked about drug problems being the most critical legal problem that our County faces. Let's all show our support of both Mitchell County Sheriff's Department and the Spruce Pine Police Department as they work tirelessly to keep our citizens safe and enforce the drug laws. Turn off the T.V. Sit down and eat a meal with your kids. Talk to them seriously about how illegal drug use can destroy their lives. Another suggestion is for the elementary, middle schools and high school to start showing the students graphic educational films about real victims whose lives and health were destroyed by drugs. Excellent films are available for school counselors to order for each school. Education about illegal drug use does work. Prevention is the answer. 

Thank You

Thank you to whoever put the lights on the trail leading out of the Mtn Heritage football stadium. That helps a lot.

Road Construction from Micaville to Spruce Pine

Pavement patches are so badly repaired on this road construction that everyone's vehicles are being damaged. I am limiting my trips to shop in Spruce Pine(businesses are losing money). A road building company can and should do better.

Vigil for Healthcare Saturday 9/30

On Saturday, September 30th, Blue Ridge Regional Hospital will officially close the Labor and Delivery department.  After Saturday women going into labor will need to go to Marion or Ashville to deliver their babies in a hospital facility.  At 7:30 that evening, five pastors from Mitchell and Yancey counties will lead a candlelight Vigil for Healthcare at Riverside Park in Spruce Pine.  The pastors participating in leading this vigil are Bill Whiteside (Vian's Valley Presbyterian),  Jeremy Troxler (Spruce Pine Methodist), Travis Wynkoop (Griffith Chapel), Tommy James (First Baptist, Burnsville), and Michael Lamm.   All who are concerned about the reduced availability of surgery and the closing of Labor & Delivery at Blue Ridge Regional Hospital are urged to attend this candlelight vigil.  We will gather at the amphitheater to reflect on our concerns as people of faith.  The Vigil for Healthcare is co-sponsored by SEARCH (www.searchwnc.org) and by the Yancey-Mitchell branch of the NAACP.   SEARCH (Sustaining Essential and Rural Community Healthcare) is a recently formed organization of concerned citizens that seeks to "empower greater involvement in decisions affecting the healthcare of our residents" and "to preserve, strengthen and expand access to essential medical services in our area."  The Yancey-Mitchell NAACP mission "is to ensure the political, educational, social and economic equality of rights of all persons." 

Planters in Walk Way

 I'm not real sure what the town ordinance is for the walk way in front of the shops in Burnsville but it seems to me that you should have room to walk. A local business has took almost all of the room to walk in order to do a circle of planters with flowers. I think the flowers are a nice touch and I understand wanting to beautify in front of your store but I'm not sure why they think they are above doing like the other owners that put the planters close to their shops. Please leave room for people to walk! 

Pray No One Reads These Opinions

Our author complains of poorly-written opinions and their impact on potential business relocation. I don't think many businesses would look at this opinions page - or even know about it - to size-up the town's education level. BUT the author is spot-on about businesses seeking educated people. So the INTENT of their message shouldn't be lightly dismissed. In that same message, however, the author himself confuses the reader with his, "It's embarrassing and sad that so few who write their opinions sound so uneducated." I think the correct and intended connection is 'few' with 'educated' - or perhaps the author should have chosen 'many' with 'UNeducated.' One must be careful wielding the power of the pen, lest we become stained by the bitter-sweet ink of irony.

 It would be great to read others' opinions if they weren't so poorly written. The spelling, punctuation, capitalization and lack of sentence structure is usually below a 3rd grade level. Some of the opinions don't even make sense, because the words are just strung together without any meaning. Don't our people even know how to write a complete sentence? Pray that no one or no prospective businesses or employers considering locating here ever reads these. It's embarrassing and sad that so few who write their opinions sound so uneducated. The first thing that any company considers when locating to an area is how well educated the workforce is. This is meant to encourage, not discourage. 

Bad Pizza and Parking Lots Cost You Money

Instead of blaming the Burnsville people who were born and raised here about shopping elsewhere, you should send a letter to the county commissioners regarding what is brought to the town of Burnsville and the rise in taxes. Burnsville is the only place I have ever lived and I would love to be able to shop here. But please tell me where I can purchase a pair of Nike’s and a pair of Levi’s or dine on something other than fast food. Burnsville is a great town with greater people who deserve better than what we get.


On one level it looks petty of us in Burnsville to make such a fuss over bad pizza and parking lots; we must be blessed to be so fortunate in our complaints. Yet, dismissing or ignoring them is costing our schools - and you the taxpayer. It is a well known fact that despite professing to love their town, Burnsville people regularly leave it to eat and shop elsewhere. I'm guilty of it: I regularly goto Mars Hill for my groceries. And I know of at least 12 other people who do the same - and I don't know a lot of people. Spruce Pine people don't come here to eat or shop - but Burnsville people goto Spruce Pine and elsewhere to do just that. Burnsville seems to be the town that everybody says they love - but love to leave, whenever they're not in their beds. Wherever Pizza, Parking Lots, Steak places and Service is better than in Burnsville, our residents give the Sales Tax to other towns and their schools. Furthermore, that bad Pizza or cramped Parking Lot will raise YOUR taxes. The math is really quite simple: suppose a town needs $10 to pay for something. That $10 will come from Sales Taxes on local businesses and Property Taxes - on local residents. If a town is losing sales tax because its residents are going elsewhere to shop and eat, that means more and more of the $10 will be funded by YOUR property tax. And the only way to get more property tax is to assess and charge your property at a higher rate. So, Pizza and Parking Lots really do matter where it hurts the most - - - your WALLET. 

New Sidewalks

I recently walked on the new sidewalks, by the way is a great place to walk, but to my surprise they were littered with trash and sure was not kept well mowed. I thought these sidewalks would have been kept up since people do enjoy walking or jogging and this is a great place to do this. To me this should be any embarrassment to our town and county since tourism seems to be the theme of our county and town.

America Day

Really a local school is worried America day is offensive and takes it out of homecoming week. What has mitchell county and America came to. This is America and we should be proud of it. Everyone needs to wear red,white and blue to homecoming. As much as I love the purple, white and black we need to show our support for our country and the ones who have fought for it and served this great nation first.

Road to Spruce Pine

We appreciate the road but again this falls on state inspectors all the cut outs with all the rough patching that is destroying our vehicles . Come on make the grading or paving out fit fix this mess level that's all we ask tired of jumping the grand canyon 15 times n a roll !!!

Mtn Hertage Football Stadium

I agree a simple rail would go a long way toward making that much safer.
Another year has begun of that horrendous trek into the Mtn Heritage football stadium. Something needs to be done to address the longstanding problem of that narrow little bumpy uneven road that everyone must go down into the stadium. It is difficult to walk on and when it becomes dark, it is treacherous.  At the least it needs to be lit. Also it is hard to believe that it is legal not to have some sort of railing along it.One could easily step off the step incline. I saw lots of older adults at the ballgames and we should make it safe for them to attend. It is time our school board, principal etc address these issues. 

Statement from NC House Representative Presnell on Monument Removal

The destruction of monuments and other objects of remembrance throughout history did not erase the history they represented. In 1944, Nazi Germany destroyed numerous buildings, castles and parks in Poland. From 1959 to 1964, Nikita Khrushchev closed and/or destroyed more than 10,000 mostly-rural churches as part of his anti-religious campaign in the Soviet Union. In 2001, the Taliban (more)

Solar Eclipse

So, let me get this right, Yancey County schools are going to close for the upcoming eclipse because, and I quote, " of the exceptional education opportunity". In others words, for your kids to learn something special, we need to shut down so they can. I've got another idea. How about the teachers and the school system use it to ENHANCE the experience with additional information. You should be well rested after your 3-month vacation to be able to come up with something. Maybe a "viewing festival" with parents invited. A guest speaker. Serve Sunny D and MoonPies, my treat. At the very least you could make sure everyone views the eclipse safely. The possibilities are endless. But I guess it would be too much trouble and effort. It's selfish of our kids to expect a little work from our public servants that are paid to teach them. But I guarantee you we'll hear the cry for pay raises before Labor Day. 

Press Release from BRRH Medical Staff

The medical staff of Blue Ridge Regional Hospital gathered for a special meeting on July 31, 2017 to discuss the discontinuation of Labor and Delivery Services at BRRH. The following is the statement agreed upon by majority vote: We, the medical providers of Blue Ridge Regional Hospital, want the public to know that we believe labor and delivery and surgical services are (more)

Fairground Apartments

To the person who wrote about fairground apt I agree lived here a good while it has gone down hill no places to park trash everywhere people who don't work nothing wrong with them noisy neighbors loud motorcycles going fast through the neighborhood magement don't seem to care 

 Live in fairground apt a while starting to go down hill no parking trash everywhere people that don't work nothing wrong with them drugs selling drugs Tenn tags living here over 6 months noisy here people driving fast on motorcycles bad place to live now 


Why???can we not have a notice when town water SP has a water boil ?? Not everyone has time to go on computer or listen to wtoe?? Dont you know what a robo call is??