Q: Why can’t you hear the radio station as well at night?
A: The amount of power that radio stations broadcast with at different times of the day and night is regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), in relation to other radio stations. This often involves treaties between the United States and other countries like Canada and Mexico. Sky wave interference effects standard broadcast signals at night. If we kept the power turned up, we would be breaking the rules and interfere with other radio stations.

Q: Why do you play the kind of music you play?
A: We employ a company to survey our marketing area to determine the type music that the greatest number of people in our area want to hear.

Q: Where does a radio station get the funds to operate?
A: From the sale of advertising time. When you support our advertisers, you are helping make possible the information and entertainment services that we provide the community. We are privately owned (unlike National Public Radio) and receive no government funding.

Q: What is XM radio?
A: This is a new private satellite radio service by subscription only. You have to buy the equipment and pay a monthly fee to receive it.

Q: What does Clear Channel mean?
A: This is an FCC type of AM station. Certain frequencies are classified as clear channel because a limited number of stations in the country are allowed to operate on that frequency and they cover a larger area with less interference than other FCC frequencies designated as regional and local channels. WKYK is licensed as a clear channel station. WTOE is licensed as a regional station.

Q: How many people do you reach with your station?
A: The regulatory fee that we pay to the FCC is based on the number of potential listeners in our coverage area as determined by the FCC. WKYK, 463,000: WTOE, 104,000

Q: When did WKYK and WTOE start broadcasting?
A: WKYK, Burnsville… started May 27, 1967 and has been owned and operated by the J. Ardell Sink family since April, 1969.
A: WTOE , Spruce Pine… started December 25, 1955 and has been owned and operated by the J. Ardell Sink family since September, 1991.