Listen to the Radio for Emergency Announcements

With power failures expected from the approaching storm here is a reminder to remember that the largest battery around your home is in your car.  In your emergency preparedness be sure you have a DC charger for your cell phone so you could charge your phone from your car.  Of course your car radio is a source for emergency announcements.

This radio station is a part of the Mark Media Radio Group with stations in Spruce Pine, Burnsville and Hendersonville.  All Mark Media Group Stations are voluntary participants of the Nationwide Emergency  Alert System.  This system operates 24/7 in the Emergency standby mode which allows Federal, State and Local County Authorities to interrupt the “On Air” audio to broadcast emergency announcements if needed.  All Stations also operator with Automatic generators for auxiliary power in case of utility power failure.

All Mark Media Group Stations are also available through their individual online web streams.