Yancey County Board of Education Responds to Concerns Regarding Incoming Superintendent

Press Release from the Yancey County Board of Education 

The safety and protection of all students is the most important priority of Yancey County Schools Board of Education.  We value the concerns of all parents, guardians, and community members.

To that end, the Board would like to share information gathered about Mrs. Amos during the superintendent search process.

During this process the Board was made aware of the 2013 Federal Complaint for Damages naming Mrs. Amos, as well as, the Burke County Superintendent and the Burke County Board of Education, as Defendants, in the lawsuit.  It is this same lawsuit that has been the subject of numerous social media postings circulated within and without Yancey County.  Prior to offering Mrs. Amos the superintendency, the Board took immense care in investigating and scrutinizing the 2013 Federal Complaint for Damages, as well as, gaining an understanding that the afore mentioned Complaint was subsequently dismissed and that all claims and allegations made against Mrs. Amos in the Complaint were dismissed.

In addition, the Complainants executed a Release of Liability absolving Mrs. Amos from any liability arising out of the actions of the perpetrator.

Further, extra care was taken in researching this matter including multiple reference checks, speaking with attorneys, and discussions with Mrs. Amos regarding the Complaint.

It must be remembered that many agencies investigated the matter at the time.  Not one of these agencies filed charges against Mrs. Amos.  It is also important to note that prior to and following the filing of the Complaint, Mrs. Amos maintained employment with Burke County Public Schools and received career promotions.