Mitchell County Economic Development Continues

Mitchell County is continuing to show progress in its economic environment. The Appalachian Regional Commission, recently released its County Economic Status Designations for the Fiscal Year 2020. Mitchell County was considered at-risk in 2019 but has moved up to transitional for 2020. Transitional counties are those transitioning between strong and weak economies and make up the largest economic status designation. which annually ranks the economic status of each of the Region’s 420 counties using national data. Mitchell County Economic Development Commission Executive Director Mickey Duvall said, ” I think the progress in Mitchell County can be attributed to entrepreneurial growth and development and the overall economic environment in the United States. There is no doubt the economic environment in Mitchell County will continue to improve. We are moving in the right direction in terms of economic development. Congratulations to everyone who helped make this happen especially the local business and industry, both existing and new, Mitchell County Citizens, Elected Officials, Managers of the County and Towns, as well as Mayland Community College, Chamber of Commerce, Spruce Pine Main Street, B.I.G., and the Mitchell County EDC all pulling together to make this tremendous improvement possible. There is a spirit of renewed enthusiasm regarding economic development all across Mitchell County with a bright future ahead of us.” The Appalachian Regional Commission and their state partners use this data to direct critical investments toward distressed areas.