Not sure its art!

I am not sure folks driving thru our town and looks at the art(telescope) both day time and night can really say its art! And even come close to looking like a telescope! I have spoken to some folks from out of town or visiting our town , ask same question , What is it? Really, telescope! , Sorry, but really its really a questionable Art at the corner! And when explaining what it is ,and sending them to the site on U-tube explaining what it is and other plans for more, they just don’t both explanation and does not even come close to a telescope, just a metal post holding colorful glass balls, and color top of it. Sorry I don’t mean to be negative or stumped, but I hear more what is it, than its neat, or color full, etc…. just does not fit what it is suppose to represent! Good luck on the other ones that are planned to be done here at the other end of town, the art that is planned on the wall under hwy-55 would make it look better than blank wall. Good luck on that also.