Proposed Animal Ordinances

Yes, there are state laws guiding animal welfare. However, out of 100 counties in NC, we are one of 11 counties that have no local ordinances that go above and beyond the basic state guidlines. The ordinances that are proposed are very basic. They do not harm the hunting population in any way. They do not ask for leash laws or confinement of animals to the owner’s property, unless the animal is a nuisance. They make reccomendations for things such as the size a dog lot should be, and require that each dog have an appropriate shelter and that their tie out chain not be grossly too large for their body weight. As proposed, they recognize that people have dogs outside and always will. The real purposed of these ordinances is to give the Sheriff’s Department (who have read and apoproved the ordinances, btrw) some real teeth when attempting to seize an abused or severely neglected animal. And to give some good basice guidelines to people regarding what is apprpriate care. If you currently take good care of your animals, give them proper food and water and shelter, and medical care as needed, these ordinances should not affect your life at all. But if your neighbor has 24 dogs that all have mange, and their bones are showing through their skin, and they are all tied to logging chains with no shelter over their heads, then the Sheriff’s Office will have the tool they need to intervene. Please read the ordinances before deciding that they are a bad thing. They are available everywhere there is a petition.