AMY Wellness Foundation Helps Fund the Jason Project

The AMY Wellness Foundation has provided a grant of $22,500 to help fund The Jason Project’s Grandfather Challenge program where at-risk youth navigate the challenging trails at Grandfather Mountain. The AMY Wellness Foundation, begun in 2018, has a mandate to improve the lives and health of the residents of Avery, Mitchell and Yancey counties based upon specific social issues. The Jason Project’s Grandfather Challenge fits that mandate through this program of providing healthy, rigorous outdoor excursions where at-risk youth can be encouraged and inspired to rise above their adversities and excel mentally, spiritually and in life.   The Jason Project has been operating over the past four years in Avery, Catawba, Caldwell, Gaston and Lincoln counties. These funds from AMY Wellness will, among other things, allow them to expand into Mitchell and Yancey counties. The Jason Project was formed by the parents of Jason Matthew Nipper, who passed away in 2014, with the purpose of helping at risk youth; including youth who are suffering from mental illness or drug addiction to, through this program, learn meaningful life lessons and how to overcome life’s hurdles. For more information or to submit a youth candidate call 828-765-6561.