Animal Welfare

In response to the response of the directors opinion.
As a shelter employee myself, our concern is for the animal and that they get a rabies vaccine whether it be from us or a veterinarian. Your statement that “a name and phone number are always on the collar” is an absolute falsehood. The truth is actually only about 10% of all of the hunting dogs that come in have a collar that includes a phone number. Some of them look like they might have had a collar on at one time that was probably taken off while they were let loose because they had no hunting instinct. In response to your statement “how many dogs slept outside last night, who cares? How many cows, sheep, coyotes and deer slept out last night?” Seriously? Have you noticed that the above-mentioned animals have a much thicker coat than the typical Redbone, Bluetick, Red Tick, Black and Tan, Treeing Walker or Beagle etc.
I would like to take a poll and find out how many hunters who oppose this, have actually read the proposed ordinances. If they did read them they obviously did not comprehend them. Nowhere in there says that you’re not going to be able to use your dog boxes anymore, or you’re not going to be able to use stainless steel bowls, or that you are no longer able to tether your dogs, that you have to have a separate lot for each dog, or you have to move your dog house in the middle of the night if the wind changes direction . These are just a few of the rumors I have heard. I hate to burst your bubble but this is not about hunting, hunters, or hunting dogs, it’s about simple animal welfare, moving into the future and caring for more than the human world. I agree sometimes we can have too many laws but not when it comes to protecting human or otherwise. This battle won’t be won by opposition it will only be won by reason, logic, and understanding!